Monthly Archives: November 2012

I’ve got to say, i’m so happy with one of my new music purchases. I slotted Lana Del Rey’s new album, ‘Born to die’ into the car’s battered old CD player, and listened to her voice lift me away…making me feel as though i’m in my own music video. Lana Del Rey is a true inspiration, and is my favourite singer at the moment. Her music videos give me such great satisfaction, as they’re so creative, and they give off a type of vibe from an old movie. I think her talent will keep soaring high, and she’ll keep me on my feet, dancing along, and shaking my head to ‘National Anthem’, and dreaming, whilst soulfully singing along to ‘Ride’.

A true music icon, I have to say.

Resist much. Obey little. Be bad and have fun. – Lana Del Rey


OK, I can tell you, I am REALLY, and I mean REALLY looking forward to Christmas…I’ve already started planning what I want to ask for, as many children do, and have already started getting the Christmas films out and chilling on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and some pancakes…yes, I know the pancakes don’t really count for Christmas, but…chocolate spread really does just do the trick…

The onesies have been selling like mad in the shops, as well as a nice furry Christmas print onesie I bought in Top Shop, which makes me feel as snug as a bug in a rug…yes, it does indeed…The knitwear has obviously been stacked up for winter in practically EVERY clothes shop, with nice scarves (the thickly knitted ones to give you a nice wrap-up feel), hats (ear-flap ones work well for keeping warm), earmuffs (extra furry) and gloves…My friend bought me some penguin gloves the other day from Primark…I instantly fell in love with them!

As the Christmas lights start to gradually go up everywhere, and the snow (hopefully…fingers crossed!) starts to fall, what I shall be doing, (as I know I don’t as much), is…BLOGGING MORE!